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6.38 Carat Certified Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold
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6.38 Carat Certified Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold

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A one of a kind black and white diamond engagement ring made in 14k white gold

Available via custom order only. Contact us for more details.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Center Diamond Details:
Carat 3.55 Ctw
Color Fancy Black Diamond (Learn more about Fancy Black Diamonds)
Clarity AAA (Learn more about Black Diamonds clarity)
Enhancement Irradiated (Learn more about Irradiated Diamonds)
Center Diamond Shape Round Brilliant
Side Diamond Details:
Carat 2.83 Ctw
Color F
Clarity VS
Shape Marquise, Baguette & Round Brilliant
Metal Details:
Ring Size Ring Size Chart Size 7
Metal Purity 14k White Gold
Setting Type Micro Pave
Additional Information:
Style # BDR-SOLD-049
Certificate AGI Certified (View Certificate)
Appraised Value $15,500



When it comes to finding a perfectly unique engagement ring, no other jeweler can offer the same blend of extraordinary black diamond jewelry as Liori Diamonds. We’re proud to present this one-of-a-kind black diamond engagement ring of exceptional size and superior quality. When nothing less than an extraordinary expression of your love will do, choose Liori Diamonds.

Black Diamonds: A Natural Brilliance That Inspires


Black diamond jewelry is one of the hottest trends in the industry, and many of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood — including Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City — prefer the distinctive look of black diamonds. Black diamonds are natural diamonds, and scientists theorize that their origins lie in outer space.


The vast majority of black diamonds on the jewelry market are enhanced because unenhanced black diamonds lack the necessary quality and beauty for jewelry. Unenhanced natural black diamonds are typically blotchy with a greenish tint and may show dirt from the Earth’s surface. Irradiated, also called enhanced, black diamonds are uniform in color. They lack the natural brilliance of white diamonds but offer a richness and depth other stones cannot match. 

Cutting-edge Style and Plenty of Features


Surprise your loved one with a beautifully crafted fancy black diamond ring that is on the cutting edge of style. This AGI-certified engagement ring features:


• A natural 3.55 carat fancy black diamond center stone of brilliant shape and AAA clarity. This color-enhanced black diamond offers pure, deep black coloring that is  free from the blotches and dull finish that usually accompany non-irradiated carbonado diamonds. There are no visible inclusions, scratches or nicks.

• 2.83 ctw micro pave-set white diamonds of marquise, baguette and brilliant shape, and F color and VS clarity.

• 14k white gold and an appraised value of $15,500.


Discover the Liori Diamonds Difference


Liori Diamonds is delighted to offer one of the world’s largest collections of black diamond jewelry. Customers who could shop anywhere choose us because we feature an exceptional collection of exquisite black diamond engagement jewelry at extremely competitive prices. Compare the appraised value against our prices, and you’ll see why satisfied customers return to us again and again.


When you choose Liori Diamonds, you’ll enjoy:


• Attentive service, no matter whether you shop online or make an appointment in our Manhattan showroom.

• Free overnight shipping on every online purchase.

• The diamond-buying education you need to make a confident purchase.

• A huge selection of black diamond wedding bands for men and women, in addition to black diamond earrings, necklaces and more.

• Access to exclusive styles of black diamond engagement jewelry that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Make Liori Diamonds Your Choice Today


Compare our black diamond engagement ring to others, and we think you’ll agree that Liori Diamonds provides you with the quality and value you deserve. Purchase now, browse online or make an appointment to visit our diamond-district showroom to see our jewelry for yourself.


Shop Liori Diamonds and buy the black diamond engagement ring you’ve been thinking about today.


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