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8.18 Carat Certified Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold

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SKU: BDR-245

A gorgeous black diamond engagement ring made in 14k white & rose gold.
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Additional Information

Center Diamond Details:
Carat 6.08 Ctw
Color Fancy Black Diamond (Learn more about Fancy Black Diamonds)
Clarity AAA (Learn more about Black Diamonds clarity)
Enhancement Irradiated (Learn more about Irradiated Diamonds)
Center Diamond Shape Round Brilliant
Side Diamond Details:
Carat 2.10 Ctw
Color Fancy Black & White (F)
Clarity AAA (Learm more about Black Diamonds clarity)
Shape Round Brilliant
Metal Details:
Ring Size Ring Size Chart Size 6.25
Metal Purity 14k Rose Gold
Setting Type Micro Pave
Additional Information:
Style # BDR-245
Certificate AGI Certified (View Certificate)
Appraised Value $13,950



Unique Rose Gold Rings Dazzle When Paired With Black Diamonds


For many people, an engagement ring wouldn’t be perfect without a 14K rose gold setting. However, they also want something a little outside of the mainstream. The ideal compromise? This rose gold with black diamonds proposal ring totaling 8.18 carats! Not only is it breathtaking, but it’s absolutely affordable thanks to the incredible price per carat that’s attached to black diamonds and rose gold.

Why Rose Gold and Black Diamonds Look So Classic and Gorgeous


If you’ve never seen rose gold and black diamonds in a single piece of jewelry before, you might be surprised at how well they partner. The key is in the rose and black hues. Not only does the rose tint allow the black to look even deeper, but the black itself causes the rose gold to take on a particularly pinkish tinge. These bold hues complement one another brilliantly, and you’ll love the way they look. Among unique rose gold rings, it’s tough to find one as outstanding as this natural black diamond ring.

Round Brilliant Cuts Show Off the Shimmer of a Black Diamond


The round brilliant cut is the most popular type of cut for all diamonds, including fancy black diamonds. This particular engagement ring has a more than 6 carat centerpiece stone that’s been carefully cut in the round brilliant style. The cutting allows the stone to more easily reflect the light.


Even though light cannot pass through the black diamond, as it can with the white diamonds that surround it in the rose gold setting, it can still have a shimmer thanks to the facets. This black diamond has the highest quality rating of AAA, which is true of most of the black diamonds you’ll buy at Liori Diamonds.

Convenience and Quality Are Liori Diamonds’ Hallmarks


Liori Diamonds has built a reputation for offering the highest quality of fine jewelry, featuring diamonds of all shapes and colors, including black diamonds and colored diamonds. Because we know that it can difficult to integrate a shopping trip to New York City into your lifestyle, we’ve established an online boutique where you can browse our line of merchandise and make your purchases online.


We take major credit cards and PayPal, and we offer free shipping on all of our engagement rings. It’s simple to shop for the jewelry items you want when you choose Liori Diamonds!

Looking for Deals? Black Diamonds Are Always a Great Price at Liori Diamonds!


One of the biggest surprises for many first-time Liori Diamonds shoppers is how low the prices are for engagement rings that feature black diamonds. Black diamonds are actually quite affordable. If you want to buy a large engagement ring, you may want to consider a black diamond model. Not only do black diamond proposal rings make a stellar gift, but they hold their looks for life.

Have Some Questions? Just Call Us!


If you ever have questions about your Liori Diamonds purchases, just call us at 888-888-3321. We’re here to speak with you and help you find the perfect fit.


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