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1.55 Carat Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold Pave Halo



Fancy blue diamonds are extremely beautiful, extremely rare and extremely costly — unless you choose to shop at Liori Diamonds, a Manhattan diamond-district dealer that specializes in genuine fancy color diamonds of exceptional value. Liori Diamonds is pleased to offer this affordably priced 1.55 ctw fancy blue diamond engagement ring, set in white gold, that your loved one is sure to adore for years to come. Welcome to Liori Diamonds, where genuine fancy color diamond engagement rings are within your reach!

For Color Rings That Express Your Unique Style, Choose Blue Diamonds


Fancy blue diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world. The world-famous Hope Diamond, for example, is a blue diamond. Blue diamonds gain their color when the trace element boron finds its way into the tight carbon lattice that comprises the diamond. Blue diamonds range in shade from fancy light to fancy blue, fancy intense blue and fancy vivid blue. The deeper the color saturation, the more valuable the stone becomes. Even the smallest unenhanced vivid blue diamonds can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Many diamond ring shoppers have never seen an unenhanced fancy blue diamond in person. That is how rare they are. With today’s enhancement techniques, however, you can afford a fancy blue diamond ring — and buy the diamond engagement ring your loved one is dreaming of! At Liori Diamonds, we specialize in enhanced and unenhanced fancy color diamonds that represent the best blend of value and quality. We have a fancy blue diamond ring to meet your taste and budget preferences.

A Blue Color Ring With Beautiful Features


Our fancy blue diamond pave halo engagement ring features:


       • A 0.90 carat fancy blue diamond of brilliant shape and VS2 clarity that has been enhanced for color. Set among 0.65 ctw of brilliant white diamonds of F color and VS clarity, you’ll love the micro pave halo setting, which is among the most popular styles of diamond engagement rings today.

       • AGI certification.

       • An appraised value of $5,950.


Choose Liori Diamonds for the Best Value and Service


Review the appraisal valuations of our diamond engagement jewelry and color rings to see for yourself why Liori Diamonds offers one of the most competitively priced collections in Manhattan’s diamond district. We only sell the jewelry that meets our rigorous standards for value, beauty and quality — and that means you’ll always get the most possible for your money.


When you choose Liori Diamonds for color rings, you’ll enjoy:


       • Superior service. Liori Diamonds wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, whether you shop online or in our New York City showroom.

       • Free overnight shipping on every online purchase.

       • A confident shopping experience. Liori Diamonds will guide you through your purchase so you’ll understand the factors that affect the value of your ring.

       • An incredible selection of hard-to-find and exclusive stones and settings. You’ll love that you can browse affordable genuine fancy blue diamond engagement rings you simply won’t see anywhere else.

       • Full trade in value. Ready to upgrade? Come back to Liori Diamonds with your ring, and you can apply that value to your next purchase.

Get the Most for Your Money at Liori Diamonds


If you believe value, beauty and quality are compatible, come to Liori Diamonds. Browse our collection online or make an appointment to visit our Manhattan showroom. We’ll help you find the fancy diamond engagement ring your partner will love for years to come.


Get the value you deserve at Liori Diamonds today!


Carat 0.90 Ctw
Color Blue
Clarity VS2 - Enhanced (Learn More about Clarity Enhanced Diamonds)
Enhancement Irradiated (Learn more about Irradiated Diamonds)
Center Diamond Shape Round Brilliant


Carat 0.65 Ctw
Color F
Clarity VS
Center Diamond Shape Round Brilliant


Ring Size Size 6.75
Metal Purity 14k White Gold
Setting Type Micro Pave


Style # FD-649
Certificate AGI Certified (View Certificate)
Appraised Value $5,950

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