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Are you wondering where to buy black diamonds in NYC, the latest and hottest red carpet trend? Welcome to Liori Diamonds, the Manhattan diamond-district dealer known in the industry for our large collection of unique black diamond engagement rings and jewelry. Our black diamond engagement rings are edgy, elegant and simply unforgettable. With an incredible selection of exclusive styles, Liori Diamonds is the best source for black diamonds in NYC. 

What Are Black Diamonds?

Natural black diamonds are rare, difficult to cut and have an extremely distinctive appearance. They lack the brilliance of traditional white and fancy color diamonds because they contain graphite, but they have a depth that is extremely appealing and unique, especially when set with 14k black gold or white gold. Natural black diamonds are beautiful when set against other black diamonds in black gold or when paired with colorless diamonds in any setting. Most black diamonds have been heated to deepen and even the color, and they are most frequently set in gold. The value of black diamonds depends upon size and enhancement. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Everything To Know About Black Diamonds

Let’s answer the most important question first: What are black diamonds? They are real diamonds with a black, opaque appearance. The diamond gets its color from dense inclusions in the stone. Some black diamonds feature white or gray inclusions, which change the appearance. The diamond may appear to have some lighter areas, or it may take on a smoky or gray appearance. These characteristics vary significantly from one black diamond to another, making it a unique and rare jewelry option.  

Black diamonds are available in the same cuts as colorless diamonds, including cushion, round, emerald, oval, pear and princess cuts. You’ll find black diamond engagement rings with a variety of metals and styles, such as black diamonds with black gold, white gold and rose gold. Each setting material offers its own benefits and distinct style to help highlight the black diamond’s beauty and mysterious appearance.


Two Types of Black Diamonds

Black diamonds come in two types: natural and enhanced. Natural diamonds come out of the Earth the same dark, opaque color you see in the finished piece of jewelry. They form the same way as other real diamonds, but with graphite inclusions. Some natural black diamonds also have traces of hematite and magnetite in the inclusions. Natural black diamonds are found in limited locations, such as Brazil and Central Africa. They’re very rare because of the limited locations and the need for graphite to be present during the formation process.

So it’s understandable that enhanced diamonds increase the options for jewelry buyers. They offer a consistent, opaque appearance and are flawless due to the treatment process. While made from real diamonds, enhanced black diamonds get some help from science to get a rich, consistent coloring.   

These enhanced black diamonds begin as colorless diamonds, which are then heated through a special irradiation process to make the diamond appear an opaque black. The process doesn’t change properties of the diamond other than the color. The resulting black diamonds are just as hard and durable as the original colorless diamonds used to create them. Enhanced black diamonds usually cost less, creating cheap black diamond ring options. This allows you to get the bold look of black diamonds without a high price tag.

Both natural and enhanced diamonds are real diamonds and make beautiful engagement ring options. Price is a primary difference in the two types of black diamonds. Choosing an enhanced black diamond simply allows you to get more diamond for your money. You might expect to pay around $1000 per carat for the enhanced black diamond alone, compared to anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 per carat for a fancy, natural black diamond.  


Black Diamonds Vs White Diamonds

black diamonds vs white diamonds

The primary difference between natural black diamonds and traditional colorless diamonds is the graphite that is part of the crystalline structure in black diamonds. These graphite inclusions create the opaque nature of black diamonds, versus the transparent character of white diamonds.

Because of the inclusions in black diamonds, they don’t receive clarity grades like colorless diamonds. The presence of inclusions affects the clarity grade in colorless options. Diamonds featuring no inclusions or inclusions that are barely visible receive the best clarity ratings. Since black diamonds are full of inclusions, they wouldn’t rank well on the traditional clarity grading scale, but that doesn’t mean they are poor quality. The inclusions are what give these diamonds their dark color.

Black and white diamonds treat light differently. A black diamond absorbs light, while colorless diamonds reflect light for a brilliant, sparkling appearance. This fact, however, doesn’t mean black diamonds lack pizzazz. Facets on the cut surfaces of the black diamonds help to create a sparkling appearance.

Light shining into a black diamond can highlight some transparent areas that may exist between the inclusions in natural black diamonds. When this happens, the areas appear brown or pale in color.

Both white and black diamonds form below the Earth’s surface. The extreme heat and pressure in the environment bonds carbon atoms together to create a diamond. Because the formation process is the same, black and white diamonds are similar with the exception of the color difference.


Famous Black Diamonds

The Hope Diamond isn’t the only famous diamond. Several black diamonds are well-known thanks to their size or history. Here are a few famous black diamonds:

• Black Orlov: Also known as the Eye of Brahma, this 67.50-carat, cushion-cut diamond is said to have been taken from the eye of a statue of Brahma, a Hindu God. Some believe it brings happiness and fortune to those who touch it.
• Spirit of de Grisogono: At 312.24 carats, this black diamond is impressively large. Not much is known about this black diamond aside from its origins in the Central African Republic.
• Gruosi Diamond: This heart-shaped diamond is 115.34 carats and hails from India.
• Table of Islam: Another whopper, this black diamond is 160.18 carats and features a square emerald cut.
• Black Star of Africa: This 202-carat black diamond hasn’t been seen since 1971 when it appeared in Tokyo.
• Korloff Noir: This 88-carat black diamond is said to bring good luck.
• Sergio: At an amazing 3,167 carats, this Brazilian black diamond weights about 1.4 pounds and is the largest black diamond ever.


Black Diamond Celebrity Sightings

If you’re more interested in the history of Hollywood, you’ll be happy to know many celebrities have shown off their style with black diamond jewelry.

Jennie Garth received a black diamond engagement ring from David Abrams.

Rob Patterson proposed to Carmen Electra with a black diamond ring, although the two never actually married.

And who can forget the black diamond that graced the engagement ring received by the fictional Carrie Bradshaw from Mr. Big in “Sex and the City?” They may have been playing the role of an engaged couple, but it doesn’t make the black diamond ring any less impressive and memorable.

Gwenyth Paltrow walked the red carpet at the 2011 Emmy’s wearing a black diamond bracelet.

Jennifer Lawrence proved that black diamonds look just as good in earrings as they do in rings when she attended the Hunger Games premiere.

But celebrity status isn’t required to rock a black diamond. With many options, black diamonds are just as affordable as colorless diamonds, making them a feasible option for couples who plan to get engaged.


Black Diamond Cuts

Oval Black Diamond Cut

With no shortage of cut options, you can get your black diamond just the way you want it. Each cut gives the black diamond a slightly different look. The facets created with the various cuts also give black diamonds sparkle and shine. Some of the cut options available for black diamonds include:

• Cushion cut: This cut has a square appearance with rounded corners. It often is associated with the vintage look.
• Princess cut: The princess cut is another squared shape for black diamonds. This shape works well with a variety of setting styles, including both modern and traditional.
• Round cut: As its name suggests, this cut features a circular shape and is the most popular diamond shape. Round cut diamonds are multi-faceted, which allows the black diamond to shimmer despite its dark color and opaque nature.
• Rose cut: No, this ring doesn’t have rose-like pedals. Instead it has a series of triangles all back to back which allow it to reflect light at almost any angle. 
• Emerald cut: This rectangular shape features chiseled corners with step-style cuts around the edge and a large table.
• Asscher cut: A stunning square shaped ring with cuts spiraling inward.
• Oval cut: Oval-cut black diamonds feature an elongated rounded shape. This long, oval shape gives the diamond a larger appearance.
• Pear cut: The pear cut features a rounded bottom and a pointed end, much like the shape of a teardrop.

 Princess Cut Black Diamond


Black Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Black diamonds work in any piece of jewelry, but they make a special statement as part of an engagement ring. The dark, opaque stone stands out, giving it an intense, bold look.

The best black diamond rings come in a style that matches your personal taste. Like colorless diamonds, you’ll find black diamonds available in almost any style of engagement ring setting you desire.

Consider these style options incorporating black diamonds:

• Go all black. Choose a setting with black gold and black diamonds for a bold, dark, classy look. The black-on-black look can actually turn out quite sparkly despite the dark nature of the black color.  
• Contrast with white diamonds. A setting with a combination of black and colorless diamonds creates a flashy contrast. Go all white with white gold and white side diamonds so the middle black diamond stands out. Or alternate black and white diamonds either in a white gold or black gold setting for variation.
• Highlight with rose gold. A flash of rose gold in the setting adds to the complexity for a splash of color on the ring. The pink in the gold and the black in the diamond complement one another perfectly. The black brings out the pinkish hue in the rose gold, while the gold gives the diamond a darker look.
• Go vintage. Black diamonds may seem like a modern twist on the traditional colorless diamond engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use vintage styling when you pop the question. Vintage settings combine the modern flair of black diamonds with the vintage style that is so popular. Think of it as combining the best of both worlds.
• Make it extravagant. Black diamonds can take on almost any appearance you want, from simple and bold to delicate and extravagant. If you prefer a flashy setting, put your black diamond in the middle of swirling pave settings with loads of side diamonds.

Caring for Black Diamonds

They may look different, but the care routine for black diamonds is basically the same as it is for colorless diamonds. Because they are real diamonds, they are durable just like their colorless counterparts. They don’t need special protection or care, but they do benefit from regular, professional cleaning from a jeweler.

If you want to touch up your black diamond at home, use a soft toothbrush and a little vodka to get rid of dirt and grime. Rinse the ring carefully to remove any residue.

If you opt for a black diamond ring set in black gold, keep the ring away from harsh chemicals. The chemicals can damage the overlay that creates the black appearance on the gold. To be safe, take off your black gold ring when cleaning, swimming or doing other activities that may cause the ring to come into contact with chemicals.


Tips for Buying Black Diamonds

Buying black diamonds comes down to assessing the quality and following your personal style. These tips can help you choose the right ring for your engagement:

• Choose a certified black diamond from a reputable jeweler.
• Look for a jeweler who offers a warranty or guarantee on the black diamond engagement ring that covers issues related to the manufacturing process. This gives you peace of mind when selecting your black diamond.
• Know what you’re getting. The jeweler should be able to offer information on the quality of the black diamond before you purchase it. Ask questions to ensure you’re getting a quality black diamond, whether you opt for a rare natural black diamond or a stunning enhanced black diamond.
• Select a setting that matches your preferred style, whether that means a simple style or an extravagant setting with additional diamonds and intricate details.
• Work with a jeweler who offers options to give you the right setting and black diamond combination for your preferences. For example, Liori Diamonds offers flexible options for gold finishes in some of the settings. Or we can recommend a specific black diamond setting based on your style preferences.


Why Choose Black Diamonds?

 Reasons for Black Diamonds

The real question is, “Why not?” Black diamonds offer a variety of benefits no matter what you’re looking for in jewelry. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to choose a black diamond:

Black diamonds offer a new twist on the traditional colorless diamond options. Start looking at ring fingers and you won’t likely notice too many black diamonds. They stand out in a sea of colorless diamonds, making a bold impression on the finger. Despite being a dark, bold color, black diamonds are very versatile in their styling options. They go with many different types of gold settings and work with all styles, from vintage to modern. The black color also goes with any outfit you might choose, so you can go bold on the finger without clashing with your outfit or other jewelry. By opting for a black diamond, you make a fashion statement and express your own style for a truly impressive jewelry option. You show that you aren’t afraid to go against the grain when it comes to traditional engagement ring styling. 


Liori Diamonds Carries Black Diamond Engagement Rings in All Sizes and Shapes

Liori Diamonds carries an extremely diverse collection of black diamonds set in black gold, white gold and rose gold. As a leading diamond-district dealer, Liori Diamonds only sells the black diamond engagement rings we believe meet our high standards for quality, beauty and value. Whether you want a show-stopping, 5-carat black diamond engagement ring, or you prefer an elegant pave-set black diamond wedding ring, Liori Diamonds has a ring you’ll love forever.

Our Inventory

From big black engagement rings to delicate bands to match, the selection of black diamond jewelry at Liori Diamonds is unparalleled. We have:

• Black diamond rings for every budget - Browse our collection and see for yourself why Liori Diamonds is known for incredibly competitive pricing.

• Black diamond engagement rings in several shapes - We have round black diamonds, princess cut black diamonds, cushion black diamonds and more.

• Unique black diamond rings - Want to buy a black diamond ring online but can’t find a unique style? Liori Diamonds has a large collection of exclusive styles you won’t find anywhere else.

• A large selection of black diamond rings of 2 carats and up - Search by carat weight to see how affordable we are!

Shop With Confidence at Liori Diamonds

When you choose Liori Diamonds, you’ll shop with confidence. We provide free overnight shipping with online purchases, and every ring we sell comes with a limited lifetime guarantee for complete peace of mind. If you later decide to trade your ring for another in our collection, you’ll get full trade-in value at Liori Diamonds — that’s how confident we feel about our collection and your investment. Whether you choose to buy black diamonds online, or you prefer to make an appointment in our Manhattan showroom, Liori Diamonds is where to buy black diamonds.

Don’t settle for a substandard selection elsewhere. Browse our collection and discover the Liori Diamonds difference today.


Make Your Engagement Unique

Colorless diamonds aren’t the only way to display your love and commitment. Show off your distinct styling with a black diamond ring from Liori Diamonds. You can read black diamond ring reviews on our website to find out what others are saying about the different settings and stones. If you can’t make it to our flagship store in New York City, you can buy black diamonds online from Liori Diamonds. With an extensive selection, you are sure to find just the right engagement ring to make a statement of your love, commitment and style. 

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