Blue Diamond Rings

Blue Diamond Rings at NYC’s Liori Diamonds

Blue diamonds are some of the most famous gemstones in the world. The Hope Diamond, the Star of Josephine and other incredible museum-quality gems have inspired countless jewelry craftsmen to create stunning blue diamond jewelry for everyday wear. Although natural blue diamonds are out of reach for only the wealthiest connoisseurs and investors, color-enhanced, genuine blue diamonds are within reach of everyday buyers.

Liori Diamonds is delighted to offer a wide selection of blue diamond engagement rings. We carry both natural and enhanced diamonds, including white diamonds and fancy color diamonds, online and in our NYC diamond-district showroom. Are you ready to discover the Liori Diamonds difference?

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What to Know About Blue Diamonds at Liori Diamonds

Natural blue diamonds are graded outside the normal color scale, which ranges from D (colorless) to Z (fancy vivid yellow). Blue diamonds contain the element boron, which attracts and traps yellow light. As the boron-enriched diamond reflects light, it gives off a blue color that is stunning and rare. Prestigious gem labs such as GIA rank blue diamonds for color intensity using grades such as fancy, intense and deep blue. Natural blue diamonds are so rare that the National Color Diamond Association claims there is only one blue diamond for every 100 Picassos that come on the market.

Liori Diamonds is a respected diamond district dealer, and we are known for providing our customers with diamond jewelry of exceptional value and quality. We have a diverse collection of blue diamond engagement rings in our NYC showroom in a range of intensities, shapes, styles and prices. When you shop at Liori Diamonds, it’s easy to find the genuine blue diamond jewelry you’ve been dreaming of — more affordably than you ever thought possible.

Our Inventory

Are you looking for a certain size, such as a 2-carat blue diamond engagement ring? Perhaps you want to choose from a collection of vintage-inspired blue diamond jewelry, or you’re just looking for the right ring to surprise the love of your life. If so, Liori Diamonds can help. Our inventory includes:

Blue diamond rings — many certified by top labs — in a range of shapes, sizes and prices, including blue diamond princess cut rings.

Exclusive band styles you cannot find anywhere else.

Contemporary, classic and vintage-inspired bands featuring intense, genuine blue diamonds.

Matching wedding bands for your blue engagement ring.

Liori Diamonds Is Your Source for Affordable Blue Diamond Rings

You only get one chance to buy the perfect engagement ring. You won’t risk success by shopping at just any jeweler, and when you choose Liori Diamonds, you won’t have to. We’ll help you decide on the right ring that makes the most of your investment. We’ll also give you a limited lifetime warranty on your purchase so you can enjoy greater peace of mind. Prefer to shop online? We’ll give you free overnight shipping, so you can enjoy your purchase right away.


Discover the Liori Diamonds Difference Today

Liori Diamonds has earned a reputation for providing selective buyers with incredibly competitive pricing on genuine diamond jewelry. Browse our online collection of blue diamond engagement rings or make an appointment in our New York City showroom to see it in person.

Don’t settle for anything less. Shop Liori Diamonds and discover the difference today.

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