Cocktail Rings

Diamond Cocktail Rings at NYC’s Liori Diamonds

Whether you have a special occasion on the horizon, you’re interested in purchasing a memorable gift for a loved one, or you’d just like to treat yourself, Liori Diamonds is ready to help. Our selection of cocktail rings includes fancy color diamond rings, sapphire rings, emerald rings and semi-precious gemstone rings that are unique, beautiful and affordable. As a respected dealer in New York City’s prestigious diamond district, Liori Diamonds sells elegant, beautifully made jewelry at prices you’ll feel confident paying. 

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Distinctive Cocktail Rings, Competitively Priced

Many of the most prestigious jewelry and gemstone dealers in the world call New York’s diamond district home. To compete successfully, a dealer must carry well-priced stones and sought-after designs. These are just two of the reasons why customers return to Liori Diamonds again and again. Our reputation for selling quality gemstone jewelry at incredibly fair prices is well-known.

We also know you don’t want to wear the same styles as everyone else, and that’s why we carry a wide range of unique-to-us designs you simply cannot find anywhere else. From the hottest black diamond rings to exceptional pricing on fancy color diamond rings, you’ll love the Liori Diamonds difference.

Liori Diamonds also makes it easy to shop with us if you don’t live in New York. Our website features many of our most popular and beautiful styles. Fall in love with one of our cocktail rings, and we’ll send it to you via overnight shipping with no extra charge. Of course, we also welcome you in our showroom — if you prefer to see a ring in person, make an appointment, and we’ll be happy to show off our inventory.

Our Inventory

Liori Diamonds is sure to have a cocktail ring you’ll love wearing. We have:

An incredible selection of affordable fancy color diamond cocktail rings. We have natural and color-enhanced fancy yellow, blue, pink, red, orange, green and black diamonds, including GIA-certified fancy color diamonds.

Hard-to-find shapes and sizes. Prefer a large trillion tourmaline or want to find a ring that mixes fancy color diamond styles? Browse our inventory. Our collection is unique and ever-changing.

Affordable semi-precious gemstone cocktail rings in vivid colors. Explore our collection of genuine semi-precious stone cocktail rings and find the ring that’s perfect for work, play — or both. 

Jewelry for all occasions. Are you looking for diamond studs, a special pendant necklace, or engagement or wedding jewelry? Liori Diamonds has the piece you’re looking for.

Shop Smarter With Liori Diamonds

You love cocktail jewelry, but you also want to make the purchase that’s right for your wallet. The sales staff at Liori Diamonds can help you get the ring you’ll love at a price you can afford. Every purchase qualifies for a limited lifetime warranty that protects your cocktail ring and your wallet. Should you decide to trade in your jewelry, we accept full value — and that makes it easier to afford your next purchase.


Wear the Jewelry You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming and started living? At Liori Diamonds, you can find a ring you’ll love at an incredibly competitive price. Browse our online collection of cocktail rings or schedule an appointment in our Manhattan showroom to see the one you love in person. Discover the Liori Diamonds difference today.

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